Brad Harmon


Bambi Harmon

Aspen Mining Company has been providing quality gems, minerals, and  fossils since our founding in 2012. It is our mission to educated  individuals about the origin, use, and importance of mineral and fossil  resources. We are located in Grand Junction, Colorado and service  western Colorado and eastern Utah.

- Brad Harmon has served as an  Aspen Mining Company owner since 2012. He loves his pick and has a  passion for digging up just about anything that can be found on the  ground with it.

- Bambi Harmon has served as an Aspen Mining Company owner since 2012.  She is the collector of the business. Anything that Brad digs goes into her buckets. But guess who gets to carry the load home on his back...


John McConnell Math and Science Center

Grand Junction Gem and Mineral Club

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